Business Transformation

To transform a business performance requires an integrated approach that addresses both business and their people.

Business Process Improvement

For an IT* or ERP* implementation project, to ensure an on time go-live, minimizing customization, getting back your return on investment, and preventing cost overrun, the primary focus needs to be on business process improvement, not the software.

Crisis Management

Preparing for worst case scenarios that can damage company reputation and the trust of stakeholders, leading to potential severe financial impact, is one of the critical tasks of management to ensure business continuity and sustainability.

Winning Customer Experience

The right customer experience determines how successful a business can be. It has to be designed and monitored and it has to be understood by anyone having any contacts with the customers, directly or indirectly.

IT Security Design and Management

Achieving an optimum IT Application Security Management System is critical to safeguard valuable business information and minimize undesirable or unproductive costs.

LEAN Operations Excellence

Embedding LEAN and continuous improvement culture is the key for a world-class competitive organization.

Market Opportunity Study

An optimum allocation of resources to achieve specific business objectives needs to be grounded on a deep understanding of market opportunity.

Embedding Safety Culture

Safety is a business and it is a people business.

Supply Chain Management

Achieving optimum contracting and procurement processes by implementing effective supply chain management is about delivering business competitiveness.

Business Strategy Development

Improving business performance needs a clear and convincing business strategy that tackles a set of real priorities, with the right phasing instead of one at a time – since all are interrelated and dependable.

Sales Excellence

To increase sales result, it is not about driving sales force to work harder but, instead, to become more systematic in their approach and work with customers and prospects that allows effective progress tracking – for adjustment of plan or tactics in time – to meet the annual sales targets.

Team Bonding

Team with a strong bonding can achieve more, and such bonding can be created.

Executive and Team Coaching

External coach with matching level of business experience and background brings outside perspectives that assists an executive or team in pushing their boundary for a break-through performance.

Self-Mastering Leadership

Most of the leadership program works on tools and techniques on how to lead others. Experience shows that it is not enough for leaders to excel. The missing part is that leaders need to firstly master their own self before leading others.

Leader of Team

Leader of Team is often selected and promoted from those having earlier outstanding achievements –which is their past performance. The change in roles and responsibilities becomes a critical transition of his or her career and even life. To provide them with the right support and timely can contribute to the chance of success for themselves and the company.

Leading Effective Meeting

Business meeting should be treated as one of the critical business processes since there are time and cost associated to it – that efficiency should be assessed and improvement targets to be applied.

Applied Mind Map

Mind Map is a very effective tool with multiple applications in business since it allows us to use both sides of our brains, at once. With the left side controls logic, analytics and details and the right side helps us to be creative and imaginative, Mind Map then allows thoughts and creative ideas to be organized in a thoughtful and logical way, ready for one to take actions.

Effective Collaboration

Collaboration is the engine that drives business results. Missing that in a work place incurs negative impact on people’s productivity, job satisfaction and their work-life balance. To make it happen requires both soft skills and the suitable the business processes.

Service Mind Excellence

Combining service with good heart and correct service behavior to gain a great impact on your customer’s experience is a key ingredient of business growth.

Strategic Thinking

Business is won on better strategy and execution. To do both well, applying strategic thinking is the key. It is about crystalizing “what” and “why” that makes “how” and “when” hit the marks.

Trade Exhibition Marketing and Operations

With big budget spent on joining a trade exhibition, the justification is getting harder on its real values. If this is your challenge, then it is time to re-look at how Trade Exhibition Marketing and Operations are done so to get a maximum return on your investment.

Value Selling Approach

Value needs to be defined in customer’s terms, not seller’s terms. Value Selling is about applying effectively three-dimensional aspects of values; your product or service, your company or brand, and your salesperson as a person, in the presentation and delivery – the key winning differentiation.

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